Uuni 3

Uuni 3 - Pariah Dog Samui

Uuni 3 (aka Jess) is such a stunningly beautiful dog. She’s got one of the sweetest natures of any of our dogs – she’s super gentle and gets on well with any other dogs and any humans that visit too. 


Timon - Pariah Dog Samui

Timon also came to us from Soi Dog when they were on the island, they asked us to please keep Timon as they were unable to release him back to where they found him on the street.


Pro - Pariah Dog Samui

Pro (aka Rudolph due to his red nose!) came to us after having a road accident. He was left at the side of the road after being hit and by the time he came to us his leg couldn’t be saved, so we had to amputate his front left leg.


Pinky - Pariah Dog Samui

Pinky is a really sweet-natured little girl. Her best pal is Perky, the two are always close to each other and like to play and jump around together.


Pickle - Pariah Dog Samui

Pickle came from the Soi Dog team in 2019, he was recovering and they said they were unable to release him back to the place he was rescued from due to it being dangerous for him.


Perky - Pariah Dog Samui

Perky is a very fit and healthy dog, with a very cute face and eyes that are super endearing!


Magnus - Pariah Dog Samui

Magnus has a VERY gentle nature! As you can see from his photos, he adores cuddles, he waits for me to sit down so he can climb on me and lie back and snuggle in and get belly rubs.


MacKaru - Pariah Dog Samui

MacKaru is a big gentle pooch. He’s got a cartoon-like face which is very expressive and he’s incredibly sweet with dogs and humans.


Karu - Pariah Dog Samui

Karu has the most stunning eyes! When he gazes adoring you with those beautiful green eyes it’s impossible not to let your heart go BOOM!


Gollum - Pariah Dog Samui

Gollum would be an amazing addition to a lucky family! A mix of active and cuddly and he would be incredibly loyal.