Furra-Chubbs - Pariah Dog Samui

Furra AKA Chubbs

Sex: Female
DOB: Approx. 2014

Furra came to us from Soi Dog when they were on the island doing their sterilization project, they took her in for treatment and it wasn’t safe to put her back on the street where they had collected her so asked us to take her into our care.
She hangs out in our Entry Compound, near the front gate, and is part of our welcoming party – she likes to see everyone who is coming and going and always comes out to greet them. She’s the matriarch in her compound but she’s an old lady. Physically, she couldn’t take on the other dogs, but they respect her and let her pretend to be the big boss, which is very cute, haha. She can be a bit grumpy with some of the other younger females in her compound, but they all know that and they can easily run away from her if she starts grumping! Her best pal is Teddy (he’s the alpha in that compound) and he looks after (or tolerates!) her.
Furras favorite place to hang out is in her own little kennel near the front gate or on the step right outside the entrance to the compound if there are humans inside (so she can be first to the treats if any are on the go!) She’s very soft with humans and loves a big cuddle. She is nicknamed Chubbs because she is a bit lazy and a big chubby now in her older age! Because of her age, she has dry eyes so has to get her eyes cleaned and drops administered daily and she’s so good and lets us all do that without any complaints (she’s super patient and comes out and waits on the step for us because she knows she needs her eyes cleaned) Adorable older dog who would be a very loyal and laid-back easy pet for the right lucky person.

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