Pariah Dog
Lenny - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Female
DOB: Approx. 2015

Poor Lenny has not had an easy life. 💔 He was found after a collision with a scooter, but sadly by the time he was found (the person who hit him left him lying at the side of the road) necrosis had set in on the flesh in his penis which had been damaged and his penis couldn’t be saved.
Lenny was flown all the way to Russia for a specialist operation (to insert a stoma so he now urinates through an artificial stoma close to his bum). Someone had told us that they would adopt him once he was in Russia, but they changed their mind! So after the operation he had to be flown all the way back to us again.
He’s ever so sweet. Honestly, just adorably sweet and very cute. Those eyes of his suck you right in! Because of his accident, he is a little incontinent now, so he has to have a shaved bum most of the time (but he rocks the unusual look!)😉 and he can have a lot of issues with the flesh around his bum breaking open and often gets maggots in there. He needs his bum washed daily and he’s ever so compliant. He never struggles or growls at any of us, he just lets us get on with the job and do what we can to help him. If he needs extra treatment on his bum, he rolls over and lies there (often almost dozing off!) until we are finished.
Despite the lack of a penis, he is also probably the most randy dog we have and he does like a good leg to try and ghost hump! (But honestly, after the rubbish hand he’s been dealt in life and how sweet he is despite all of this, I tend to let him crack on and have a go!) 😂🙈❤

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