Mary Bell - Pariah Dog Samui

Mary Bell

Sex: Female
DOB: 2016

Mary Bell came to us along with her brothers Dexter & Donny when they were young pups. Their mother had died and they were in danger on the streets so we were asked to give them a safe haven. Donny still lives at Pariah as well, in the same compound as Mary Bell but sadly their brother Dexter lost his life to a cobra bite in 2021. The three siblings were always very close.
Mary Bell is quite a timid little dog. She’s absolutely stunningly beautiful, with her long, shiny coat and an incredibly cute little face and adorable eyes, but because she’s a wee bit timid and in the furthest away compound, she often gets overlooked by our visitors. ☹
When she trusts you she’s very affectionate. (it does take a little longer to earn her trust than some of our other dogs – but all good things come to those who wait!) Mary Bell had to go to the vet for a minor illness recently and she was super well-behaved in the car, at the vet, and when I was lifting her up and carrying her around. She loved getting out of the shelter and I could see from the way that she behaved that when she finds her forever home and gets away from the large pack mentality and can relax and be herself, she will absolutely thrive and come out of her shell.
She’s also a bouncer and does brilliant zoomies – when she gets excited when she knows you and you come in to see her she runs up to you then runs away just as fast and does a wee tour of zoomies before coming running back up to you for a little bit of lovin! She’s just absolutely lovely. 😊

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