Donny - Pariah Dog Samui

Donny came to us along with his brother, Dexter, and sister, Mary Bell when they were young pups. Their mother had died and they were in danger on the streets so we were asked to give them a safe haven.

Cody Koda

Cody Koda - Pariah Dog Samui

Cody is a very shy boy, as is his sister Rhonda. Both are very submissive and not at all aggressive with other dogs.


Zeta - Pariah Dog Samui

Zeta is a super softy! She gets on great with all other dogs and utterly adores human attention. She’s not too demanding and will give humans space to come in and move around before she wanders up and asks for a cuddle!


Violet - Pariah Dog Samui

Violet is one of our smallest, most gentle, and most lovable little dogs. She is small in size and big in personality. She’s ever so cute, has a beautiful smile (that she uses regularly), and loves humans!


Toots - Pariah Dog Samui

Toots is an incredibly sweet-natured little dog. She’s taken on the role of Mamma to some other younger dogs when it was needed, taking them under her wing and teaching them and she simply loves human interaction.


TJ - Pariah Dog Samui

TJ has an adorable nature! He’s excitable (he still acts like a little puppy sometimes!) and loves human interaction. He’s an INCREDIBLY quick learner!


Teddy - Pariah Dog Samui

Teddy is a big lovable dude! He is the alpha male in his compound and looks after all the other dogs, keeping them in check and always keeping a close eye on everything that’s going on.


Socks Gianna - Pariah Dog Samui

Socks AKA Gianna is one of four sisters who are at Pariah Dog – her sisters being Jojo, Jemma, and Gismo! We nickname them the skunk sisters – due to the wee white stripe the other 3 of them have along the ridge of their backs!

Sgt. Stubbs

Sgt Stubbs - Pariah Dog Samui

Sgt Stubbs is one of our smallest dogs at the shelter, but he has a very big character! He’s got little legs but that doesn’t stop him from getting around quickly when he wants to!


Sandy - Pariah Dog Samui

Sandy has a beautiful face and loves a snuggle. He likes to come up to his favorite humans and nudges them gently with his nose to get some attention and if you then bend down to him he will cozy on in beside you for a cuddle