Pariah Dog Samui Rambo Adoption Success Story

 Remember Rambo? Our gorgeous, cheeky chops, very lovable wee boy who flew to his forever home in the UK last August?  Just look at him now!  Now THESE are the stories we want to be sharing more of this year! Thank you Olly and Annie and good boy Rambo! We all miss you but couldn’t […]


Pariah Dog Samui Fyra Adoption Story

Starting the weekend by kicking it off with some of the best ever type of news… IT’S AN ADOPTION!! WOOHOO FYRA IS NOW SAFELY SETTLED IN HER NEW FOREVER HOME IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND! She’s now called Vera and her new family absolutely love her to bits! She’s being very brave and is settling […]


Koh Samui Adopted Dog Chippy 00006

Whoooaah … hold up, we have more phenomenal good news to share today… It turned into one of THOSE most special days today!! Woooohooooo! It’s an ADOPTION DAY!