Buddy - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Male
DOB: 2017

Buddy and his brother Lewie (who is also still at Pariah) came to us when they were very young and their Mum had gone awol. They couldn’t survive themselves so we took them in.
Buddy was named after the elf! (if you haven’t watched the movie, it’s one to watch!) Not only because he at times has the energy of Buddy, but because he’s just absolutely lovable and makes me laugh every day!
He’s a bit scared of strangers – he will often bark at people he doesn’t know when they first enter his compound. He’s not aggressive – he runs and hides in his kennel and barks from there, but once he warms up to them, he’s super loyal and entirely lovable. He’s not aggressive to other dogs, any of the young pups we have that end up in his area he sort of takes them under his wing in a big brother way – when they are being too much, he puts them in their place, but he’s very patient with them and loves to have a little play with them too. All of the dogs in his compound respect him – if he comes out when other dogs are “playing up” they will listen to his commands and he can put them all in their place when needed.
Buddy’s best friend is Uuni (aka Jess) our tripod. Jess can’t walk very easily and Buddy is very loving toward her. When she is out of their shared kennel (the door is always open but they tend to always hang out in there together!) then he’s always at the door watching her and making sure she’s okay. They are super cute together.
Buddy is a goof – he’s always doing funny things and making me chuckle. He’s full of kisses and loves cuddles and scratches from humans he trusts. His secret spot on his chest loves a scratch and he could stay there all day in his kennel letting you scratch and cuddle him.

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