Karu - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Male
DOB: 2016

Karu (aka Foxy because of his Foxy tail!)  is the son of Mai Tai. They were brought to us in 2016 just after Mai Tai had given birth to a litter of pups. She had been someone’s pet, but they moved away leaving her and her new litter of pups locked in a garden with no food or water. Thankfully, a neighbor heard her and the pups crying and asked us to rescue them. Sadly, Mai Tai passed away in 2021, we think it was a cobra bite but are not 100% sure.

Karu’s siblings, Mia, Gaia, and MacKaru still also live in the shelter. Karu is sponsored by our friends over at Ooni Pizza Ovens and his name, Karu, comes from one of the models of their ovens. Prior to that, he was called Foxy – which he is still affectionately named by many of the helpers here.

Karu has the most stunning eyes! When he gazes adoring you with those beautiful green eyes it’s impossible not to let your heart go BOOM! He’s a beautiful dog. He is a little shy with strangers at first (although over the last 1.5 years, he’s making massive progress with that, I’m so proud of him!) and when he does trust you he’s the MOST affectionate and loving pooch.  Karu is another of the dog that follows me everywhere I go if I’m there – his gaze never leaves me when I’m in the shelter and if I’m in his line of sight  (even in another compound), he will be there looking at me checking I’m okay and waiting until I come back into his compound so he can get some more cuddles. Karu also really loves to dish out kisses to his favorite humans! He is a super loyal and loving dog.

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