Magnus - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Male
DOB: Feb. 13, 2021

Magnus has been with us since he was just a couple of days old. His mum (Mumma!) was thrown from a moving taxi when she was heavily pregnant and left in an area with lots of other street dogs. They were all attacking her and it was really unsafe for her. She gave birth that first night in a work camp (in the toilet) to 8 beautiful little pups.  They had to be moved, so we agreed to offer Mumma and her litter a safe haven so she could raise them in peace.

Magnus is the last of his siblings that hasn’t yet found his forever home. Rose, Hercules, Bear, and Papaya are all still living on Koh Samui, Rambo now lives in the UK, and Star (the second last to find a home) is heading to the UK to her own forever home in the next couple of months too (written Feb 2023).  When she goes, Magnus will be incredibly lonely. ☹  We really are desperate to find him the home he absolutely deserves.  Each of his siblings has settled in really well and their new families adore them and can’t imagine being without them  – we KNOW Magnus will be exactly the same to whichever kind and lucky family welcome him in. Magnus already has all his paperwork in order and can be flown to almost any country (his rabies titer test has already been completed!)

Magnus has a VERY gentle nature! As you can see from his photos, he adores cuddles, he waits for me to sit down so he can climb on me and lie back and snuggle in and get belly rubs.  He still has a puppy-like nature but is very clever and now that we have stepped up our focus on training him and his sister, they are both learning very quickly! He adores going for walks and human company  – anyone coming into Pariah is in his line of sight from his compound and he waits at the gate with a big waggy tail to try and encourage any humans to come and spend some time with him! He loves company. He’s not at all a greedy dog – most treats he turns his nose up at and prefers to have a cuddle instead, so cute, haha!

Magnus is such an adorable doggy, he really needs a home and now would be the perfect age for him to be adopted! <3

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