Mila - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Female
DOB: approx. 2019

We were asked to foster Mila for someone back in 2020, because we were told she was in danger in the area she was living in on the street and was being badly attacked by other dogs, with the agreement she would be picked up when that person returned to Samui and would go to live with them. Sadly, the person changed their mind and abandoned Mila at the shelter. 💔
Mila is a very sweet, but timid dog. Given her start in life and the fact that was being attacked and then abandoned by the person who had been caring for her and thrown into shelter life, it’s not a surprise that she’s taking some time to regain her confidence and learn to trust again. We have been taking it slowly with her and she’s finally starting to come out of her shell and show her wonderful little cute character.
She’s very slim, but the vet said that it is her natural build. Due to this, she does get fed some extra wet food daily from us (which is normally only a treat for the dogs here!)
Often when I’m in the clinic preparing medicines for the other dogs I’ll feel a little nudge on the back of my leg, and it will be Mila nudging me with her nose to say – hey, the other dogs aren’t looking I want a chin scratch please (and some more of that tasty food!) When Mila learns to trust you, she’s adorable. Still very delicate in all she does, but loves to nosey on in and budge the other dogs out of the way to get some attention. It’s really lovely seeing her start to bloom – this is an ongoing work in progress but we are so proud of how far she’s come.

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