Nelly - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Female
DOB: 2017

Nelly and her brother Buster were rescued from a place where they were being abused. Nelly had been tied up as a puppy and someone let their fighting cockerel pick her right eye out. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜“ So she is now left with only one eye. Both she and her brother were in a very bad condition when we rescued them โ€“ very skinny and very scared (understandably)
To this day, Nelly is still one of the shyest dogs at the shelter. She is very wary of humans and is a very submissive dog. Sheโ€™s easygoing with the other dogs โ€“ never picks a fight โ€“ and when there are no humans around (or only those that she now trusts more) she relaxes and is very cute with the dogs that are her friends (sheโ€™s very fond of Mila and Patch!) Gaining Nellyโ€™s trust takes time and patience, but is most definitely not impossible.

When I walk into the clinic area now (where Nelly lives) if there are no other humans around she will always be one of the first to run up to smell me and give me a tiny little โ€œlickโ€ hello on my fingers after Iโ€™ve scratched her nose, then she runs away chuffed with herself.
Nellyโ€™s brother, Buster, was like her โ€“ very timid and shy with humans. However, a lovely man came to the shelter in 2021 and fell in love instantly with Buster, he knew it would be a long road to helping Buster feel relaxed and at ease in his new home but was ready to accept the challenge and Buster is today like a different dog โ€“ heโ€™s happy, easy going and living his dream life. We know that we can get Nelly to that stage too. โค

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