Pickle - Pariah Dog Samui


Sex: Male
DOB: 2018

Pickle came from the Soi Dog team in 2019, he was recovering and they said they were unable to release him back to the place he was rescued from due to it being dangerous for him. We think he was being abused because he can be very nervous about males that he doesn’t know. Despite the fact that males clearly make him nervous, he’s never shown any aggression to any human that we know of, male or female. He’s lovely!

Pickle has made a full recovery now and is a big, strong and healthy (and incredibly handsome!) dog. Pickle is the biggest male dog we have at Pariah. He has a deep woof when he lets rip, but underneath that bravado, he’s a super big softy. His favourite place is nestled up against my side where he cosies on in for lots of scratches and back rubs. He has a sweet spot at the base of his back/top of his tail that if you rub for him he wiggles his bum at you and shakes his head too! When he smiles, he looks really goofy too!

Despite his size, he doesn’t like to fight! He’s a lover, not a fighter – but if the other dogs kick off against him he will defend himself. His best mate was another very soft dog called Sandy, who was being bullied by some other dogs – Pickle would always stand up to those dogs for Sandy and fight Sandy’s corner with him if he had to.

We have some beds made out of recycled tyres, which Pickle adores! His chilling out spot is always curled up in one of those with his chin resting on the edge so he can keep an eye on what’s going on!

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