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Sex: Male
DOB: Approx. 2018

Sandy is a lovely calm, quiet-natured dog. He’s very submissive with the other dogs – he’s been bullied in a few of the compounds that we’ve had him in and he ends up having to run and hide away (heartbreaking!) We are still trying to find him a space at Pariah where he can relax and be happy but it’s tough with so many other dogs around. He gets on well with the other dogs, but being in a pack mentality, they realize when one of the dogs is submissive and can take advantage of that.
In a home environment, Sandy would really be able to relax and show his true character. He’s well-behaved in the car (was a little nervous at first which is to be expected) and when away from the shelter and all the other dogs he does come out of his shell a lot more.
He has a beautiful face and loves a snuggle. He likes to come up to his favorite humans and nudges them gently with his nose to get some attention and if you then bend down to him he will cozy on in beside you for a cuddle. He likes to stand up on his hind legs to wait for a treat (but doesn’t jump up on the humans when doing so … he just hovers up on his hind legs with his front paws in the air!)
Sandy is a gentle souled, beautiful dog who needs and deserves a home and his own family so very much. When he is able to relax in the shelter around the other dogs, we get to see his more playful side come out and he does little zoomies around the area he’s in if you pretend to chase him and play with him. So cute to see – and something he desperately needs some more of.

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