Lost and Found: 6 Heartwarming Stories of Homeless Thailand Dogs That Were Rescued

Thailand Dogs

Lost and Found: 6 Heartwarming Stories of Homeless Thailand Dogs That Were Rescued

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Stories of Homeless Thailand Dogs That Were Rescued

With so many homeless Thailand dogs, it can be heartbreaking for any animal lover. Here are some inspiring tales of pups who were rescued.

Animal abandonment is a huge problem in many countries, and Thailand is no exception. Over 1,600,000 dogs in Thailand are either homeless or abandoned. Many of these dogs live in misery, inflicted with diseases and starvation.

Amidst the chaotic urban life, there are shining beacons of hope. Many Thailand animal shelters and volunteers have gone out of their way to rescue these poor souls.

Here are some heartwarming stories about rescued Thailand dogs. Read on to discover more.

Princess: The Strong Mom

In 2015, Princess lived on a campus in Thailand. She is a charming mixed-breed roaming the busy streets. Although a stray, a few campus staff cared for her and kept her fed.

Their treatment took a turn when they realized she was pregnant. Thinking she would cause trouble, they threatened to drown her. She was fortunate to meet compassionate students who saved her and her babies.

The students brought Princess to a Thailand animal shelter. Veterinarians stabilized her condition and ensured she was fit to give birth.

Princess went on to give birth to three healthy puppies. The veterinary staff observed proper care to ensure their healthy growth.

Milo: A Miraculous Journey to Healing

Unlike other dogs, Milo could not run free and play. He suffered from a neurological disorder, which limited his physical mobility. Milo had to drag his legs across the ground, putting a severe strain on his joints.

As a Hua Hin Rescue Shelter resident, the staff was pessimistic about his recovery. Professionals claimed he could get paralyzed if he failed to undergo treatment. For street dogs, this condition equates to a death sentence.

Milo received massages from the staff and volunteers. Since his arrival at the shelter, staff worked to improve his muscular abilities. On some days, they brought him to Hua Hin beach.

After weeks of rehabilitation, Milo showed improvement in his neurological control. With each massage and walk on the beach, Milo became stronger.

One day, Milo took six steps without the help of the staff. His steps increased every day afterward. Everyone in the shelter cheered him on, making him excited and encouraging him to do better.

It took a few more weeks of rehabilitation for Milo to climb stairs on all fours with a wagging tail.

Half Pipe: Running on Wheels

In 2015, volunteers rescued and brought Half Pipe to the shelter. Half of his body got paralyzed after getting involved in a motorbike accident.

Half Pipe used his front paws to pull himself up and move around. As a result, he sustained strains, injuries, and joint problems that strained his body. The veterinary staff thought of a solution to help the poor dog: build him a wheelchair.

After a few months, they finished making a wheelchair that fit Half Pipe. He went through rehabilitation to regain his muscle strength and mobility.

With the help of staff and volunteers, Half Pipe was able to enjoy a walk on the beach. With the wheelchair, the strong and courageous dog experienced fun again.

Chantal and Bob: Fighting Dog Meat Trade

Despite efforts to stop it, Thailand continues to participate in the dog meat trade. There are regions in the country where consuming domestic dogs is a tradition. As advocates of animal welfare, many people promote the dog meat trade ban, including Chantal and Bob. 

Although foreigners in Thailand, the couple volunteered to save Soi dogs. They volunteered at a shelter for a few days instead of spending it on leisure in a different country. But what inspired this act of compassion?

Chantal came across a Facebook post discussing the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia. She also got upset with the number of stray dogs they see every time they travel. Many of these street dogs were starving, sick, and dirty.

One of the pups they helped was Bangkok Bob. Snatched from the streets, Bob was rescued from a truck leading to the Lao border. They found him stuffed in a cage with other Thailand dogs.

Like other volunteers, Chantal and Rob spent time with the pups. They brushed them and trained them to walk on a leash. With this, the dogs experienced companionship in an environment promoting their welfare.

Baines: The Man That Rescues Dogs

Street dogs in Thailand result from overpopulation, limited resources, and urbanization challenges. Without proper care, these poor creatures become infected with diseases. Some, like rabies, distemper, and mange, are fatal for dogs.

Driven by compassion for animals, Michael Baines moved to Thailand and built a shelter. He founded the animal rescue center “The Man That Rescues Dogs.” During its starting years, he saved 2,000 dogs and cats from the streets of Thailand.

Harbison: The One Who Left the Corporate World to Rescue Stray Dogs

Would you leave your job to rescue dogs? For Niall Harbison, street dogs taught him the meaning of life. He shared in his book that these precious animals saved him.

After getting intoxicated, Harbison found himself in the ICU. After struggling with depression and anxiety, he decided to move to Koh Samui to live a healthier life. However, battling mental health problems was never easy.

After discharge, he improved his health and thought about the relevant things in life. He realized his calling when he started feeding street dogs in Koh Samui. From days to months, Harbison continues to rescue abused, abandoned, and unhealthy dogs.

Working with the local veterinarian, Harbison sterilized, rehabilitated, and rehomed dogs. He built a charity with projects focusing on the welfare of the animals. If you have the means and compassion, consider adopting a street dog in Thailand!

Survivors of the Streets – Thailand Dogs

Regardless of the place, every animal deserves a comfortable life. The heartwarming tales of rescue dogs prove the great bond between humans and animals. To celebrate their stories of survival and redemption, continue showing compassion to animals.

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